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Longevity-data-as-a-service (LDaaS) platform

Build models on the data you need,

not the data you have.

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To end aging, one of humanity’s most important problems, requires a data-rich picture of how aging is killing us. Our mission is to build the world’s most meaningful longevity data platform.


We are a longevity-focused data-as-a-service (Daas) company. Our goal is to build and maintain datasets to help accelerate machine learning and artificial intelligence in the field of longevity.


We ingest data. We enrich data. We deliver data. 

  • Upload your data

  • Enrich your data by joining it with relevant data sources, including specialized longevity data

  • Receive ML and AI ready data


We’ve been in your shoes - struggling to wrangle all of our own data while trying to integrate it with meaningful domain-specific data in order to get the most value from our models and experiments. Now, MoreLife is solving these complex data challenges as-a-service so that you don’t have to.

You don't have to worry about data so you can focus on your core expertise: ending aging and extending life. Leave the data work to us.


We are now at a juncture in the aging field: year over year, there is an exponential increase in data availability, but not necessarily in the availability of data scientists, artificial intelligence practitioners, software engineers, data engineers, machine learning experts, and more. The goal of MoreLife is to bridge this gap between aging research labs and machine learning / engineering expertise. Think of it like this: Tech for MoreLife (where more = better well-being + extended longevity). 

Longevity-data-as-a-service (LDaaS) is a result of conversations with domain experts and analysis of the data needs of those experts. 

We also run a matching program between data / tech volunteers and researchers in the aging / longevity domain to help experts with data, engineering, and AI needs. Read more here.